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14 Arm Beaker Tube

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The 14 Arm Beaker Tube does not play around.  This tube is not for your rookie smokers.  Having such a large beaker this guy really packs in the smoke.  It can hold a lot of water!  We have added a 14 arm tree perc above the the beaker to give that next level percolation and cooling effect on the smoke.  Every arm of the tree perc is tagged to the next providing extra strength to the perc.  

This tube is blown out of 75x5mm heavy wall tubing!  The mouth piece is made from 50x5 heavy wall tubing.  It's stands around 18 inches tall and has an ice catch right about the tree perc.  We use a 18mm - 14mm low profile defused downstem and provide you with a 14mm martini bowl.

If you puff tough then this is the tube for you!

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