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3X6 (18 arm) Fizzler

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If elegance and function had a baby they would have created the 3x6 fizzler.  That is what we have done here at TreeHouse.  The 3x6 is a very unique bubbler created for the classiest of smokers.  Not only are these things great to look at they are also great on the lungs as well.  With 18 miniature arms for the smoke to go through you are guaranteed a very smooth and tasty hit.  The tiny arms create very fine bubbles giving the smoke amble time to cool.  

We have stuffed 18 arms into a 50x5mm can standing around 11 inches tall.  We use a 18mm recessed dewar sealed joint with a 18mm martini bowl.  The flared foot provides plenty of stability in the event you would like to add any sort of accessories to this bubbler.

Truly an exquisite addition to anyone's glass collection.  We are certain you will be as happy with it as we are.  Stay classy my friends. 

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