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6 X Gridded Fizzler

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The holy grail of our "Fizzler" series bubblers.  If you are looking for the smoothest hit imaginable then look no further.  These bad boys stack bubbles on top of bubbles on top of bubbles.  

This bubbler has 6 sets of circ arms that are slit seven times each and then gridded making this piece have 126 holes of diffusion!  Every arm is reinforced by tagging it to the next arm making for a very strong perc.

Made from 60x3.2mm medium wall tubing and standing 12 inches tall.  We use an 18mm dewar sealed joint and provide an 18mm martini bowl.

 With such outstanding percolation this fizzler provides you with an unforgettable smoking experience that will leave you wanting more.  A must have for every smokers collection.  Join the Fizzler revolution and pick yourself up something you will be stoked to own.

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