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6X6 Arm Fizzler Bubbler

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When style meets classiness meets ultimate function.  

These were one of the original "Fizzlers" created by us and this is where the fizzler name was born.  We handed this bubbler to a friend he took a rip got a huge smile and said "This thing doesn't bubble, it fizzles... The 6 6 Fizzler!" He shouted.  From that day on the name has stuck.  The 6x6 Fizzler is a 36 arm bubbler.  

We come down from a 6 arm tree and each of the arms branch off into another set of 6 mini arms.  The elegance of this piece speaks for itself.  The 36 mini arms create a beautiful sound as the bubbles pile up on the side walls while you take a hit.  Again every arm is reinforced by tagging it to the next in normal TreeHouse fashion.   

Constructed from 60x3.2mm medium wall tubing.  Standing around 12 inches tall and using an 18mm dewar sealed recessed joint.  Provided with an 18mm martini bowl.

A 36 arm bubbler... stay classy my friends. 

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