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Circ-Perc Straight Tube (Color)

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The straight tube changed the game when it first came around years ago.  A traditional tube had a big bubble bottom or a beaker bottom and someone realized it wasn't necessary and the straight tube came into existence.  A streamlined design, these circ straight tubes provide a quick and to the point smoking experience.  Easy to keep clean and transport around these tubes are a classic for a reason.

Constructed from 50x5mm heavy wall tubing and standing approximately 15 inches tall.  The flared foot provides plenty of stability making it easy and worry free to add a wide array of attachments to these tubes.  Again using a  low profile 18mm to 14mm defused downstem keeps everything as compact as possible.  Break less tubes on the coffee table with this low profile design.  The circ perc has 16 slits giving you that smooth hit we are all looking for.

An excellent choice for anyone looking for a smooth hitting water pipe.

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