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Inline Chandelier Bubbler (Gridded)

  • 34900

The "Inline Chandelier" is a perfect example of elegance meeting with functionality in a small compact design.  The inline has seven slits.  Each slit is then gridded giving this bub a total of twenty eight holes for exquisite percolation.  The chandelier comes down from the top of the can providing a bit more diffusion while serving its main purpose of being a splash guard.  We put a slight bend in the 18mm mouth piece so you can keep the bubbler flat and not have to lean over the piece to get a good hit.  

Constructed from 54x3.5mm medium-heavy wall tubing. Standing around 9 inches tall.  The female joint is 14mm and included with the purchase is a 14mm martini bowl.

A fantastic piece for any form of smoking.  The inline chandelier is a compact classy pipe that looks great on any shelf.

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