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Inline Tube (Large)

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The inline tube is another tried and true design.  Over the years we have added a few details to it to make it better, stronger, and more functional product.  One of these details is that we tag the end of the inline perc itself to the back wall of the horizontal tube.  This provides added strength to the perc so if your buddy sets it down to hard it won't break the inline out nearly as easily.  The second thing is we add the blown out section of glass above the perc.  This allows you to rip the tube really hard and not worry about getting water up to your mouth.  The third thing we have done is put the joint at a slight angle forward allowing you to lean back in your chair and smoke more easily. 

The large inline tubes are made out of 38x4mm heavy wall tubing.  They stand around 18 inches tall.  The inline has 18 slits.  The joint is a 14mm female with a 14mm martini bowl.


A classic design with great functionality.  It has been putting a  smile on people's face since its inception and we a sure it will do the same for you.

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