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Light Weight Showerhead Ash Catcher 18mm

  • 14500

When you need a little more filtration in your life you turn to an ash catcher.  Not only will they help to keep you main pipe clean they add another level of percolation providing a smoother smoking experience.  

The "Light Weight Showerhead Ash Catcher" was developed out of necessity.  After being in the glass game for so many years we kept hearing about peoples mishaps with their ash catchers tipping over their tubes and causing them to break.  So we've took the same great percolation of a showerhead and wrapped it inside of a lighter walled tubing making it lighter and less likely to tip over your glass.  

This ash catcher has a 18mm recessed dewar sealed joint and is accompanied by a 18mm male joint placed at a 90 degree angle.  Its is made from 48x3.2mm tubing.

It is a wonderful addition to most all tubes and especially bubblers that require a 90 degree angle.

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