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Reverse Circ Chandelier Bubbler

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One of the best percolated bubblers made by us.  This thing was born to stack bubbles.

This bubbler has a lot going on.  It is a double perc bubbler in a shorter package compared to many double percolated products available.  It gets it's name the "Reverse Circ"  because starting at the bottom there is a ring of glass that is slit and gridded that the water is pulled through.  The water is then driven up to the second perc where it again hits a section of slits which have been gridded.  All of this together makes for one insane amount of finely stacked bubbles.  Providing a very smooth, cool, and flavorful hit.

 The chandelier part of this bubbler is the piece that hangs down from the top of the can.  Because this piece stacks bubbles so well we needed to add some type of splash guard, and that is where the chandelier comes into play.  As the bubbles pile up they eventually run into the chandelier and the water goes into the slits and funnels back down into the bottom.

The mouth piece of this bubbler has a slight bend to it providing a very comfortable smoking experience.

It is constructed from 54x3.5mm borosilicate glass.  It has a 14mm bowl and stands around 11 inches tall.

A great choice for the serious smoker who is looking for the finest of smoking experiences at an affordable price.

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