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Shower Head To Disc Bubbler (Gridded)

  • 30400

Love the shower head but want to take it a step further?  Well that is what we have done with this bad boy.  These guys have a gridded shower head with 64 holes which then goes up into a 16 slit disc perc!  Packing in two percs all while keeping our pieces elegant is a favorite thing to do around here at TreeHouse. 

These bubblers are made from 50x3.5mm tubing.  Stand around 12 inches tall.  The mouth piece designed for comfort as much as it is for style. We use an 18mm recessed dewar sealed ground joint.  An 18mm martini bowl is also provided.

If you are ready to step up a notch from the gridded shower head bub then this is a great way to go.  These bubblers smoke very smoothly while retaining all of the flavors you are after.  Stay classy my friends. 

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