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SideCar Simple Bubbler

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We developed the simple bub series of bubblers so that just about everyone can get their hands on our glass.  We wanted to come out with a line of bubblers for under a hundred bucks and that is what we have done.  

All the bubblers and rigs in the simple bub series are made of a lighter weight tubing and are simple to clean and straight forward to use.  We have taken all the fancy bells and whistles off and got right to the point, function.  These things all smoke great!  When we are looking for a piece to take out on the boat or toss in the backpack to take hiking then this is what we turn to.  This is our answer to an easy to travel with piece that since it didn't break your pocket book it won't break you heart as badly if she meets her demise a bit too early.

The "SideCar Simple Bub"  is made out of 48x3.2mm tubing.  We use a low profile removable down stem which transitions from 18mm to 14mm giving it its lower profile.  The female joint of this bub is 18mm while the martini bowl is a 14mm.  It stands around 10 inches tall.  Reach for one of these next time you want to leave the house with a piece and leave your expensive glass at home.

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